A small recap of the awards ... after 71 weeks! Are you there? The Cool Attitude 1st: @Satosushi with 42 2nd: @samkak3 with 13 3rd: @berenice with 8 The Kamikaze 1st: @Willy with 43 2nd: @dimon1980151 with 8 2nd: @roman with 8 3rd: @rahul79 with 4 The Loser 1st: @rebombo with 15 2nd: @berenice with 14 3rd: @Willy with 9 The Smurf 1st: @Satosushi with 39 2nd: @berenice with 19 3rd: @dimon1980151 with 4 Candy Slush 1st: @berenice with 28 2nd: @dimon1980151 with 15 3rd: @roman with 6 The Wet Chicken 1st: @berenice with 18 2nd: @dimon1980151 with 16 3rd: @roman with 11 The Cereal-Killer 1st: @Satosushi with 25 2nd: @Willy with 18 3rd: @roman with 6 The Dancer 1st: @Satosushi with 21 2nd: @berenice with 13 3rd: @Willy with 7 While some awards are indisputable like "The Kamikaze", others are highly contested, namely the "Loser" and "Wet chicken"!!