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    ExpressCrypto is a microwallet service perfectly suited to the use of faucets.

    Before you can withdraw from your ExpressCrypto wallet to your own wallet, you need to reach a certain amount.

    ExpressCrypto is not limited only to Bitcoin because it offers a whole series of coins like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc.

    You have a large list of faucets and plenty to choose from when it comes to foraging from faucets to faucets. 🐝

    You also have the opportunity to buy and sell your coins through their internal exchange but also to complete surveys to earn coins.

    People are often tempted to cheat faucets by creating multiple accounts to abuse faucets. Fortunately, ExpressCrypto does monitor and don't hesitate to freeze the accounts of cheaters.

    Feel free to share your comments about ExpressCrypto on the forum, it may help beginners.

    ExpressCrypto website: https://expresscrypto.io/signup?referral=10183

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