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    Topic today: bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets:

    1. Write down 2 websites where you can store your bitcoin online.
    2. Write down the name of 2 desktop or mobile wallets.
    3. What is a paper wallet and why is it safer then the other options?
    4. What kind of currencies a Ledger Nano S can store and how much is it to buy one?
      500 satoshi price per question - good luck

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    2 Electrum Multibit Mycelium
    3 a paper wallet is a document containing all of the data necessary to generate any number of Bitcoin private keys, forming a wallet of keys...Storing bitcoins on paper wallets is not safe unless very strict security precautions are undertaken and
    a paper-wallet is safe as offline, it's unable to leak to the internet. Obviously, you need to keep it in a way that it won't be available to visitors as well.
    There are options to add a password to paper-wallets, which might help to deter casual discoverers.
    4 Btc eth dash zcash doge ripple
    maybe $65

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