Feature: Blocking spawn

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    Now, players can lock some spawns but only spawn where players can land ( YELLOW & RED spawns)

    The cost to lock a spawn is: 20 coins.

    A player can lock several spawns if he wants.

    To lock or relock a spawn, go on it and press [RETURN].

    To unlock your spawn, [CTRL+RETURN]

    If you quit the game:

    • you are not in a team: your(s) spawn(s) is(are) automaticaly free.
    • you are in a team: your(s) spawn(s) are allocated to the members of your team who are still in the game.

    When a spawn is blocked and a player normally lands on it, that player is rejected and the spawn blocked is deducted from 1. Once at 0, the spawn is released. It takes 5 hits to release the spawn.

    if you play in a team, your team members will be able to arrive on your spawns (but will be deducted 1 hit). Members can credit any spawns of the team but only the owner can free it.

    The player who blocked the spawn automatically respawn on it if it dies (but will be decounted as 1 hit as well).

    You have a counter to indicate the remaining hits directly on your(s) spawns.

    Extreme situation: all spawns are locked by players. So, to respawn you have to wait and hit spawns.

    This feature is available for the next maps:

    • Islands
    • FiveIslands

    Maps with spawn blocking may seem unfair espacially if you are not part of the happy farmers at the start of the game. Farmers will only leave you crumbs seeing nothing at all to peck!

    Instead of crying over your sad fate, Jump in the water! Try to invade an island!
    Farming requires a lot of attention and activity, the farmer may be neglecting not maintaining the spawn blockage.

    With a bit of luck, you can enjoy the pleasure of eating a farmer's harvest!

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    Tests during 1 hour finished for Islands, Maupiti, Duo and Oud: No crash and bug.

    Cost decreased to 20 coins because the initial 70 coins is very hard to reach.

    Only @aniko11 and me has locked some spawns, too bad.

    Is this new feature is really interesting?

    Is a way to win some time. Can be useful espacially on Duo/Oud. For Maupiti, only the center island is interesting. For Islands, not very.

    Probably new maps will create with this feature.

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    Finally, only for Islands map now.

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    and now: FiveIslands, the new map!

    Islands: Take the advantage :)


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    It's possible to unlock your spawn with CTRL+RETURN.

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    Now you can recredit your current locked spawn :)

  • @satosushi That should be good, I'm going to study these new rules of the game.

  • @airtondance Study deeply xD

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