Feature: Blocking spawn

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    Now, players can lock some spawns but only spawn where players can land ( YELLOW & RED spawns)

    The cost to lock a spawn is: 70 20 coins.

    A player can only lock ONE spawn at the same time.

    To lock or relock a spawn, go on it and press [RETURN].

    To unlock your spawn, [CTRL+RETURN]

    To lock again the same spawn, you have to wait for the spawn is free.

    If you quit the game, your spawn is automaticaly free.

    When a spawn is blocked and a player normally lands on it, that player is rejected and the spawn blocked is deducted from 1. Once at 0, the spawn is released. It takes 5 hits to release the spawn.

    The player who blocked the spawn automatically respawn on it if it dies (but will be decounted as 1 hit as well).

    Extreme situation: all spawns are locked by players. So, to respawn you have to wait and hit spawns.

    This feature is available for the next maps:

    • Islands
    • FiveIslands

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    Tests during 1 hour finished for Islands, Maupiti, Duo and Oud: No crash and bug.

    Cost decreased to 20 coins because the initial 70 coins is very hard to reach.

    Only @aniko11 and me has locked some spawns, too bad.

    Is this new feature is really interesting?

    Is a way to win some time. Can be useful espacially on Duo/Oud. For Maupiti, only the center island is interesting. For Islands, not very.

    Probably new maps will create with this feature.

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    Finally, only for Islands map now.

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    and now: FiveIslands, the new map!

    Islands: Take the advantage :)


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    It's possible to unlock your spawn with CTRL+RETURN.

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    Now you can recredit your current locked spawn :)

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