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    (This message is updated and summarizes the news about the financing of the game.)

    The financing of the game is a real journey of the fighter with many disappointments.

    In November 2016, an investment with Recyclix was made and part of the profits realized were allocated to the game. In February, following a fire in their main factory, problems arose, production altered. An investigation was initiated and found embezzlement by the team in place. A new team was set up to inspect and restore the company's situation. The situation is still pending.

    To continue financing the game, part of its treasury was allocated to an investment site, Coffee, in the HYP (high risk) category. Unfortunately, this site very quickly became a scam. Some withdrawals had been made, but overall, the funds were lost. Different attempts have been made with sites in the same category, with personal funds. Unfortunately, all his attempts had the same issues: Tradecafe, Newage bank.

    A new attempt in another category, trading, was made with BitcoinAutotrading. This site was well rated by the forums dedicated to this type of investment. Unfortunately, after a few weeks and withdrawals made to fund the game, this site has become inaccessible. Usual scenario.

    It is therefore a real black series for LWOS, with consequent losses.

    A new financing method is currently in place, entirely personal (no third party). This method being based on the trade, there is no certainty about the yield or potential losses.

    Until now, the yield is very good. A part of mice (only POS rewards) were sold to participate in the financing of losses. Now , The reimbursement of losses is completed.

    Of course, LWOS also uses the earnings generated by affiliations published on the website, but these gains are negligible (little or no participation)

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    The latest funding for LWOS has not yet been received (since Friday 19 May)

    Currently, Autobitcointrading is encountering difficulties and has not actually communicated on this subject. Let's hope that they are only temporary technical problems. :neutral_face:

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    Autobitcointrading still offline: another scam at the turn.

    However, this site was not a HYP and was well rated on the investment forums. Unfortunately, the Bitcoin is very profitable for scammers. LWOS accumulates the missteps. :part_alternation_mark:

    A new financing technique is currently in place, entirely personal (no third party), based on trading on markets. 0.050 BTC as roll-over funds are using. Hopefully it will work because it will be the last attempt.:spy_tone2:

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    First funds from new method added. Will available for The Chocolate Time! :)

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    Because a coin value between 1 satoshi and 2 satoshis is enough, The funds of this week will be allocated to the reimbursement of losses.

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    Refund of loses ended. :)

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    Funding for this first Summer day! :sun_with_face:

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    New funding today.

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    New funding today. :calendar_spiral:

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