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    Thank you but please, do not swing "your 10-second google search" for advertisers. On the other hand, if you have yourself (or a friend) a website and you use, in a real and concrete way, a good advertising, you can contact me in private, no worries.

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    Well, the 2019 year has started.

    What's up?

    LWOS funds continue to dwindle slowly as the games go on. Personal funding was added on the Winter day to pass this milestone, quietly. The domain name has been extended for an additional year.

    So, in the present situation, LWOS continues to approach a closing soon. When? It is difficult to answer precisely because everything depends on the activity of the players, their efficiency in collecting coins.

    No interesting coins to mine for funding here. But if we find some, we'll add them, of course.

    Hopes for JSE tend to melt like snow in the sun. The project takes time, the update of their algorithm is rather rotten; the market price continues to be very low; and no certainty that their advertising system is really interesting. They said February now... (maybe they will say March in February?)

    Meanwhile, LWOS continues to search for an interesting advertising network. But it's almost an impossible mission given the small traffic here. The rank Alexa is good anyway (under 500k now).

    Ad network tests are or will be done, don't be surprised to see changes (popups, etc). Sorry in advance if this leads to inappropriate content. LWOS doesn't allow adult content, but it often happens that the filters are not respected by advertisers.

  • @satosushi There is no site that offers more for less and also in a fun way. Increase the minimum amount necessary for collection; reduce the rewards, or change the cryptocurrency, while another solution is not possible.

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    @willy Glad to read you are getting fun to play. 😋

    Technically, there is always the possibility of switching to another currency, like the DOGE. (🐺 will agree i guess). This would require, however, a serious adaptation (code). At the beginning, if you have good memory (🤔 ), LWOS worked for a short test period ...with DOGE.

    Nevertheless, the fundamental problem remains: funding. To finance with advertising, you have to find a management that pays relatively well, which is reliable: it doesn't run on the streets. Then there is nothing magical: it necessarily requires a good audience (let's say at least 1000 unique visitors per day). In the current state, LWOS is not very popular and technically could not handle such this audience. It remains the possibility to change the game (as for version 1 to 2), but there, sincerely, i have no idea.

  • @satosushi I know that financing problems are not easy to solve. I also know that I am not contributing definitive solutions. They only contribute ideas to survive more in time. And, frankly, LWOS has always been a very generous place. And even with financial problems it continues to be so. You value the possibility of further reducing the rewards and the possible change to Dogecoin (yes, I remember it, although I did not play during the tests).

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