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    Initially, payments were made with Faucetbox. It was very convenient for everyone. But Faucetbox closed in late 2016. LWOS has therefore decided to make the payments itself. There are more constraints.

    For this, a minimum threshold has been decided.

    After unsuccessful attempts to make daily payments (time, cost), a weekly payment was decided, more adapted.

    A contribution to the fees has also been added.
    More information about the threshold and fees:

    Since the implementation of weekly payments, there have been no problems to report. The Bitcoin network can be congested. The payment can sometimes take several hours before having a first confirmation.

    Of course, to receive a payment, you must have earned the necessary amount and also have filled in a Bitcoin address in your profile.

    If you do not have a Bitcoin address or you do not know how to do it, you can always ask your questions here.

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    For information, the mempools is currently very huge (https://blockchain.info/en/charts/mempool-size ). Probably tomorrow the payout will take a very long time to be confirmed. Don't be surprise.

  • If not payots, don't worry, be happy :)

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    @rebombo You didn't understand my news about mempool.

  • @satosushi this is joke :)I undertood your news clear, you not understood :) this is from my age :)

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    As expected, the last payment was very long ... but nevertheless fast given the current situation of the Bitcoin network. The mempool is still saturated.

    For the little story, it is normal for the value of the coin to fall during the payment (6 confirmations). This is due to the fact that the balance of players is counted twice, this was necessary when using Faucetbox, no longer with the direct payment. But this "error" has not been corrected because it remains 'fun'. We can see very well on the graph the time taken for the payment. Instructive. :)

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