About Chocolate-Time

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    The chocolate time, the Gourmet time! 🙂

    For an hour on Saturday and Sunday at 17:00 (UTC) or during special events as Spring; Summer; Autumn; Winter, for every game starting during this period, the value of the coin is increased!

    The map selection is made based on votes. Maps are without wind.

    The rules are a little different. Thus, a part of the coins lost are redistributed to the next wave. So, don't hesitate to push the other players.

    The other part of the lost coins can be redistributed at the end. A final wave may be played at the last minute of play, if enough coins.

    To synchronize Chocolate Time with the start of the hour, the current game may be interrupted prematurely. So, remember to secure your coins before the end if 17:00 approaches!


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    Lack of funds leading to a lack of participants and leading to a lack of competition lead to the shutdown of the weekly Chocolate-Times.

    Chocolate-Times will occur only for special events (Winter, Summer, etc).

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    As the Chocolate Times are less numerous than before, the winning teams will be scored by +12 points instead of +1.

    If the number of players during Chocolate-Time is under 20 players, bots will join game. 🤖

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