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    The game uses WebGL to work.

    It is advisable to use: CHROMIUM browser.

    It is therefore important that:

    • your browser is compatible with webGL
    • your graphics drivers are up to date
    • your openGL drivers are installed and up-to-date
    • hardware acceleration is activated in your browser

    Also, the game also requires a good Internet connection.

    An API for sound is used, some browsers are not compatible.

    The number of frames per second (FPS) is normally 60. You can display a counter in the game with the F key.

    If the hardware acceleration is not activated either because of bad drivers or because the browser didn't activate it, it is your processor (CPU) that will have to do all the work (graphical rendering, sound rendering , etc.).

    In this case, depending on the power of your processor, you will get very degraded playability (0 ... 25 FPS), lags permanently and a degraded sound quality.

    If you encounter a problem, indicate in your message:

    • the OS used
    • the browser used (version)
    • your graphics card

    If you have encountered a problem and have resolved it, do not hesitate to share this information here, it will be useful to other players.

    You can check and report errors from the console of the browser too.

    • To open the console, CTRL+SHIFT+ K or CTRL+SHIFT+ I


    You can:

    • update the screenshot here
    • copy/paste the console text (CTRL-A to select all the text) here

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