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    When you play, you can access a few options for the game. These options are saved only on your browser. To access the options, use the O key (as options)

    • Sea; The rendering of the sea uses shaders. Your graphic card may not have this capability. You can use this option to get a simpler sea and maybe improve your FPS (frame per second).

    • Quit: By default, the game will ask you to confirm your exit with a dialog. You can use this option for an output without confirmation.

    • Info players: At startup, the game does not display the names of the other players. You can use this option to display at the beginning of the game. Like the I key.

    • Render: The normal FPS is 60 frames per second. You can slow this speed with this option.

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    New option for the render. You can select different rates. For those who have difficulty playing because of a bad internet connection or a poor graphics card, this option could be useful.

    Example with 3 browsers at the same time and each with a different speed:


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