Improvements/changes of the game

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    @adeleya : Still the "old" format yes, I hope for the 14th October it will be ok.

  • @satosushi, I understood, thank you

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    You can see the skill of each team now in the teams page.

    Of course, refresh your cache because probably your browser is caching files

  • Hello!
    Π‘an you foresee the possibility of creating a team chat, in the game or on the forum?

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    @adeleya No. there will be no additional means of communication. But the owner of a team can use his own space of communication (messengers, forum, website, etc).

  • @satosushi said in Teamwork:

    @adeleya No. there will be no additional means of communication. But the owner of a team can use his own space of communication (messengers, forum, website, etc).


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    @adeleya The chat of the forum can be use as a room for teams. You have an option on the right/top to invite users to join.

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    About the earnings:

    Of course, all coins collected (laid or not) will be rewarded .

    • For a single player , no change.

    • For a team: the earning will be shared between each member present, according the time played.

    Member A : 100 coins collected during 9 min
    Member B : 20 coins collected during 6 min
    Member C : 10 coins collected during 3 min

    Total coins to share between A/B/C: 130 / Total time: 18 min

    Member A will earn 65 coins (50% of the time)
    Member B will earn 43 coins (33% of the time)
    Member C will earn 21 coins (17% of the time)

    Missing 1 coin? Yep, because values are not rounded.

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    About the ranking:

    The sensitive subject is for the Chocolate-Time.

    So, distinction between normal coins and laid coins. Only normal coins are counted.
    The coins laid between team members are considered normal.

    For the ranking, it isn't possible to make the total of the coins collected by a team.

    Averaging seems more equitable. However, this is also a problem.

    If all the players of a team play during the whole duration of the game, it is very good, the average will be reliable. But only if a team member leaves the game quickly, or when other members arrive at the end of the game, the average will be distorted.

    It is therefore necessary to involve the playing time in the calculations. So, no more an average but a speed.

    With the previous example:
    Member A : 100 normal coins collected during 9 min
    Member B : 20 normal coins collected during 6 min
    Member C : 10 normal coins collected during 3 min

    130 coins in 18 minutes gives 7.22 coins/minute.

    The total time can not be less than 3 minutes to avoid situations where a player plays only a few seconds and collects black coins for example (which would give an excessive speed)

  • @satosushi said in Team & teamwork: in progress:

    @adeleya The chat of the forum can be use as a room for teams. You have an option on the right/top to invite users to join.

    Yes, thank you, I made

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    The changes have advanced well and may be applied tomorrow or Friday. πŸ™‚

    There will probably be errors or even crashes during this test phase.

    The snap of the teams is made at the beginning of each game, so , all modification bring to the team after the starting will not take effect in game.

    Players not in team will recevei a white skin.

    Team will score only during the Chocolate Time ( +1 per stage won)

    For the map with the spawn-lock features:
    Team members can credit spawns blocked by their team and land on them ( as the owner, spawn counter decreases). Only the owner can unlock it.

    The coins are share at the end, according to the time player by each member.

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    Laying allows you to pass the maximum number of coins in the game. Nevertheless, a limit of 800 coins is now fixed. What remains very broad.

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    The changes will be applied after noon. Teams will be functional. The game will be in a debugging phase, errors, unexpected behaviors or crashes may take place.

    Please report these errors here. Errors can be seen in the browser console. To open it, CTRL + SHIFT + K (or I), a copied-pasted text will suffice, no need to take a screenshot (not very useful).

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    For now, a problem can occur with the furstum (display of the name of player and spawn counter).

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    You must see that:

    • the counter of your spawn directly on it
    • the same top (columns)


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    The Top Chocolate is built during the Chocolate-Time and will replace the current soon.

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    Mini total time extend to 5 minutes instead 3 minutes.

    = If a single player (or the total time of a team) is under 5 minutes, the time taken to do the calculation of the speed will 5 minutes .

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    No problems encountered for this first implementation, some adjustments made. To be validated tomorrow for Chocolate-Time. πŸ™‚

    Do not forget to refresh your cache if you have problems. Sometimes the browser is capricious to do so and several CTRL + F5 are required.

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    Some bad calculations for the speed (only if time is under mini total time), will be corrected soon.

    Done 😁

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    A Chocolate Time realized. A small bug in the list of players (p / ingame) has to correct.

    The way to treat the results at the end of the chocolate time is not satisfactory.

    Now that I have some concrete data, I will be able to work on it.

    This will probably change, and the results will be modified accordingly (this will not change anything for the winners because there are no ambiguities).

    What will be changed:

    • the speed will be rounded by 1 or 2 digits after the decimal point
    • the ranking will be done on the average speed on all the maps played with a time constraint 5minutes per maps (25 min for 5 maps).

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