Improvements/changes of the game

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    The landmines were designed for an essentially defensive purpose. to reinforce this defensive characteristic, a small delay of 1 second is now necessary for the landmine to be operational.

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    Finally, after some problems, the game has been updated to the last version of ThreeJS (r91 -> r109 )

    This version adds the possibility to clone animations which makes it possible to lighten the loading of the game (for the r91, it is necessary to download multiple times a file) and to add a small animation of 1 second for the landmines. 🤗

    It also allows the use of webGL 2.0 which can improve the FPS if the player has the capacity of webGL 2.0 of course. 🤔

    The normal sea is really dark and for now, i wasn't able to make a better one.😫

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    The waltz of the update continues. 💃

    • A reworking of some of the code, but it remains globally transparent for the players,
    • Centralized use of materials for coins/apples that should give better memory occupancy
    • Sounds have been changed by new ones,

    Most important, there are now 3 new options:

    • antialias
    • GPU powerPreference
    • skyBox or not.

    The antialias option will give better FPS for those who have low FPS. The display will be less pleasant visually but the performance will be better.

    The GPU powerPreference option set a "low-power" should also give better performance. This option is mainly intended for the laptop for managing the consumption of the GPU part.

    Of course, the size of your browser window is the most important factor affecting the impact of your performance. Reduce it to get better FPS.

    I will try soon to revise the menus so that they are more pleasant to use (it is true that it is not very friendly until now)

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    The menus has been reworkerd.

    It remains the list of players who is not right.

    Experimentally because the game is probably difficult to play on a phone 📱 , controls have been added.

    A small virtual keyboard will appear as soon as you touch the screen for:

    • selfkill
    • place landmine
    • lock spawn
    • unlock spawn or poison
    • lay

    To move, touch your screen (the upper portion = + run )

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    The list of players has been reworked (depending of the size of the screen)

    Added some informations about mobile devices:

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    Display again modified and to satisfy demanding players on their satoshis accounts during the game, the amount of satoshi being collected is again indicated. ( 😑 )


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    Your ping and fps (average ) are indicated into game now. (bottom/right 😃 )

    The "camera depth" option (formerly "los" light of sight) has been added again. It can improve fps for low devices such mobile devices.

    Now, you can change sea/skybox without reloading the page. By con, with improved sea and initially with no skybox and then adding the skybox , can generate artefacts on the sea.

  • @satosushi 0_1570968116206_Screenshot_2019-10-13-17-28-20-761_com.opera.browser.png
    Very difficult to play
    But fun also

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    Yes, very difficult to play. Don't expect to play normally and even less farming! It is experimental anyways 🙂

    @rahul79 : Set the "Camera depth" to "short" in order to get better FPS.

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    For yesterday and today, some updates and small bug fixes for the game:

    • the use a different material for some meshes (3d objects): little less quality but faster.
    • rework for loading somes meshes (faster loading)
    • rework for loading the sounds (faster loading)

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