• Yes, Monka. There is no mistake. Everything is correct. Willy is me, and Monka (a person who is very adorable) I am too.

    Jokes aside, Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS is a new draw that will give you the chance to play cheaper or free or even win more with the LWOS lottery game.

    To participate you only have to play the LWOS lottery and you will automatically be participating in this parallel draw.

    Once a week we will make a draw (with Azar from augeweb.com) about 101 118 numbers (this may change in the future). That number will determine who are the winners of the GOLDEN TICKETS. Each GOLDEN TICKET will have a value equal to the price of a lottery ticket of LWOS (now 1000 satoshis).

    How can I win the GOLDEN TICKETS?

    Each time you play the lottery one of your tickets has the possibility of winning 2 GOLDEN TICKET (Back ticket, Forward ticket), since the weekly number of the draw will determine the winners of the week before and after. So you can win 1 Back ticket and / or 1 Forward ticket.

    • Back ticket: Winners of a Back ticket are all LWOS lottery tickets from the week of the draw whose number matches the draw number. Easy.

    • Forward ticket: They are winners of a Forward ticket, those who can buy the ticket whose number matches the number of the previous draw. This is valid for all days of the week. Difficult?

    • Back ticket Jackpot / Forward ticket Jackpot: If a GOLDEN TICKET is not purchased in the LWOS lottery, its value will become part of the GOLDEN TICKET value of the next day. Each type of ticket will generate its own jackpot. So in this way the Back ticket Jacpot and the Forward ticket Jacpot will each follow its own chain.

    • Charlie's GOLDEN TICKET: This is the ticket of the big winner. It has a minimum value of GOLDEN TICKET x2, but can be worth much more. (In the informational post you will always find its current value). This prize replaces any GOLDEN TICKET when the winner of a Back ticket, or Forward ticket, is also winner of the day in the LWOS lottery. If a Charlie's GOLDEN TICKET of greater value at its minimum value is apportioned, the next one automatically changes to its minimum value.

    • Willy prize: If @Willy is the winner of a GOLDEN TICKET, the prize will be for the player not awarded the LWOS lottery on that day that more tickets have purchased. If there is more than one, the winner of the Willy prize will be the one who finds them with more losses or less winnings in the Top of the lottery. If a tie persists, the prize will be for which they have bought more tickets in total. If there is still a draw, the player who has participated in more lottery draws will win. Is it still impossible? Will then win the tied player who is the largest donor to LWOS. And if it is still impossible to break, the prize will be donated to LWOS.

    NEW :candy::candy::candy:

    The Candy Man: Every time @Willy buys a second lottery ticket, The Candy Man will come out. He will deliver candy to some players worth 1000 satoshis if Willy's ticket is awarded in the LWOS lottery. The prizes will only take the odd or even tickets, and it will be the last ticket sold of the day that marks this. Each drawing that @Willy does not buy a second 1000 satoshis ticket will be added to The Candy Man Jackpot. This jackpot will be for the player to buy the next ticket to the second ticket purchased by @Willy as long as it is awarded in the LWOS lottery.

    NEW :mushroom::candy::mushroom:

    Land of Candy: The landscape and sweet creation of Willy Monka, where everyone can enjoy the most varied sweets. Each time a third @Willy ticket is awarded, everyone, except Augustus Gloop, will receive the price of their lottery tickets back. Each lottery draw in which @Willy does not buy a third ticket, 100 satoshis will be part of Land of Candy Jackpot. This jackpot will be for the player who bought the last ticket. Augustus Gloop is the greedy glutton who will not be able to enjoy these awards. The player who accumulates 50% or more of the tickets of the day will be awarded the Augustus Gloop prize. That is to say: with nothing.

    • Monka CHOCOLATE Factory: The true grand prize is the Chocolate Factory. It is a jackpot that will increase its value as these events occur: 1 satoshi for each ticket purchased; 10 for each player; 100 per jackpot; 1000 for each ChGT; 10000 for each time the first @Willy ticket is awarded in the LWOS lottery. To win this prize you must purchase the highest ticket in the Willy Monka (now 101 118) or higher draw. The highest ticket will win the prize and mark the new limit on the Willy Monka draw.

    NEW :lollipop:

    Lollipop Everlasting Gobstopper: The latest creation of Monka. An "eternal" prize. Buy the ticket for the previous draw limit (now the 101) and the only Lollipop Everlasting Gobstopper that exists will be yours. This will accumulate a daily amount of satoshis while you have it in your power and you will be paid at the time you lose it. You lose it when another player buys the corresponding ticket. The prize increases daily in the following way: 1 satoshi for each lottery ticket in play; 10 satoshis for each ticket that you play; 100 satoshis for each Back ticket won by you; 200 satoshis for each Forward ticket; 500 for each Willy Monka draw in which you maintain the ownership of the prize; 1000 for each ChGT you earn.
    Notice: You can give or sell the ownership of the prize. Willy Monka will buy it for you as soon as you wish for 50% of the value. But you can try to sell it for a higher amount than any other player. To do this, just let us know via chat or by message in the forum who is the new owner of the Lollipop Everlasting Gobstopper.

    How to collect the prizes?

    You do not have to do anything. We will send your prize to you as soon as possible, whether online or offline. Keep in mind that lack of liquidity can lead to delays. But the prizes will always be paid as soon as it is returned. You can check the payments in your Activity list. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.
    (The possible prizes that @Satosushi could win, will be paid as a donation to LWOS).

    The week Willy Monka
    In order to avoid delays in payments due to lack of liquidity, Willy Monka states that the week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. In this way the draw will be held on Fridays at the same time as the LWOS lottery draw.

    Of course we reserve the right to totally or partially modify all aspects of this game, and to suspend it temporarily or totally when it is not possible for us to do so by force majeure.

    We hope you like it. And good luck!!!

    • 11th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es40676
      Back ticket winners: There are no winners. Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
      Forward ticket winners: There are no winners. Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
    • 12th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es41023
      Back ticket winners: There are no winners. Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
      Forward ticket winners: @berenice 14000 satoshis (GT + Jackpot x13).
    • 13th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es41402
      Back ticket winners: @berenice 21000 satoshis (GT + Jackpot x20).
      Forward ticket winners: @berenice 7000 satoshis (GT + Jackpot x6).
    • 14th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es41675
      Back ticket winners: @PatoThon 7000 satoshis (GT + Jackpot x6).
      :factory: Monka CHOCOLATE Factory winner: @PatoThon 83364 satoshis (Ticket 118).
      Forward ticket winners: @berenice 5000 satoshis (4GT + Jackpot x1); @PatoThon 2000 satoshis (2GT).
    • 15th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es41960
      :arrow_left: Back ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: There are no winners. :cooking: Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
      :arrow_right: Forward ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: There are no winners. :cooking: Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
    • 16th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es42197
      :arrow_left: Back ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: There are no winners. :cooking: Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
      :arrow_right: Forward ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: There are no winners. :cooking: Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
    • 17th Willy Monka GOLDEN TICKETS: www.augeweb.com/azar/es42467
      :arrow_left: Back ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: There are no winners. :cooking: Jackpot: 7000 satoshis.
      :arrow_right: Forward ticket winners: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :cooking: :egg: :egg: :egg: There is no winner on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. :cooking: A jackpot of 18000 satoshis are added to the next one.

    :arrow_left: Back ticket Jackpot 21000 satoshis.
    :arrow_right: Forward ticket Jackpot: 18000 satoshis.
    :chocolate_bar: Charlie's GOLDEN TICKET value: 10000 satoshis.
    :candy: The Candy Man Jackpot: 11000 satoshis.
    :mushroom: Land of Candy Jackpot: 1800 satoshis.
    :lollipop: Lollipop Everlasting Gobstopper: There is no owner.
    :factory: Monka CHOCOLATE Factory value: 55901 satoshis.

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