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    The pool seems to be down (stratum and front-end).

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    Webmining updated according the new domain name of the pool.

  • how do you do web mining?

  • I started the mining... Just wanted to know can we mine simultaneously on different devices? and does the mining output add some satoshi to our account?

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    You can open one tab per device. I didn't really code the interface to handle several pages per device.

    About "direct payout", like @bitcoin143 , you are in confusion. There is no direct payout for the participants. Read again the webmining page.

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    Webmining experimentation will end tomorrow (22 Jan.) and a topo will be made.

    Edit: The closure is in progress. It is necessary to wait a certain time for the last shares found to be confirmed by the pool.

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    This second webmining experiment ends today. This time, it will last longer than the first, one week, allowing players time to stay informed (forum, twitter, chat) and participate. This experiment aimed to find a new source of funding but also to measure the players' participation in the life of LWOS.

    The first provider of webmining offered no independence, took significant costs (30%) , only one coin to mine (Monero), no data to build statistics.

    This time, Crypto-Webminer was chosen because it offered more choices: independence; choice of the pool; 1% fees; different coins to be mined (but still with the Cryptonight algorithm) and the possibility to get the number of shares found, useful to perform statistics.

    In the list of coins, there was Monero; Electroneum; Bytecoin; Intensecoin and Sumokoin. Sumokoin was selected because the pool offered the possibility to directly use the payment address of an exchange, which isn't the case for other pools for other coins (ie you have to withdraw to your own wallet before). Bytecoin could have been a good contender too, but unfortunately this coin is currently buggy.


    During this test week, 0.0327 SUMO were mined, the equivalent of 0.00001962 BTC (1962 satoshis) at the current price (0.0006 BTC / SUMO).


    Amount very low therefore, and especially below the minimum withdrawal imposed by the pool (0.1 SUMO).


    Amount very low therefore, and especially below the minimum withdrawal imposed by the pool (0.1 SUMO).

    In other words, amount unusable. So disappointing in financial terms. Admittedly, the experiment lasted only a short week, but it's enough to forge an idea.

    As said, it was also an great opportunity to measure the participation of LWOS players again, it wasn't necessary to mine hours and hours, at least be curious and try a little.

    When you play LWOS, you use about 20-30% of your processor, ie as the "light" webmining. That is to say that all laptop users could mine in "light" without problem, at least for short periods.

    There are 92 active players (who logged in during the week). 26 players participated for this webmining experimentation: 28%

    • Better participation than the other time (15 participants)

    • Some players with low hashrate didn't hesitate to mine.

    • There was confusion among some players who didn't understand the purpose of this experiment. Among them, a huge "participation" of the player @bitcoin143 who used several computers.

    • The first time, we had 4 players from the Top #10 (a good indicator) who participated ( @Willy, @yura72 , @airtondance and @sapok). This time only @Anj2017 participated.

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    This last experience is in the same vein as the previous one: not interesting. The participation of the players is better but could be even more so.

    It is said that the cryptonight algorithm is the most profitable and the most "cpu friendly", it is for this reason that the webmining focuses on it.

    However, the coins using this algorithm, are not very friendly because the transaction fees are very high, addresses in general can not be used directly to send to an exchange (which therefore causes additional transaction costs).

    The friendly aspect (easy to use) is at the expense of performance. It is certainly more interesting to use a dedicated mining program. Certainly, less friendly to use and would require a higher motivation of users but largely within their reach (download and run a command line program, it is not the sea to drink)

    LWOS hasn't said its last word and continues to reflect on the possibility of using the mining as a participatory means. Player participation is considered important vector.

    There are other possibilities to do:

    • find another type of algorithm or CPU usage remains interesting and a friendly/profitable coin.
    • open a pool to get total control of the activity.
    • use dedicated miner programs (open source), more efficient,
    • rewarded participants for a portion of the profits generated.

    It is even conceivable in the future to reserve places during the Chocolate Time to participants. Why not!

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    Although this was not the goal of these experiments, LWOS has decided to reward exceptionally the participants, in proportion to the efforts made.
    200000 satoshis allocated by each experiment and distributed accordingly.

    Webmining #1

    Player Points Percent Rewards
    @aniko11 1955.5 points 37.35 % 74694 SATOSHIS
    @Nataliblin 1194 points 22.80 % 45607 SATOSHIS
    @Willy 655.5 points 12.52 % 25038 SATOSHIS
    @Satosushi 421.5 points 8.05 % 16100 SATOSHIS
    @demas1965 390 points 7.45 % 14897 SATOSHIS
    @mique 380 points 7.26 % 14515 SATOSHIS
    @ikiobelung 80 points 1.53 % 3056 SATOSHIS
    @airtondance 46 points 0.88 % 1757 SATOSHIS
    @ShadowPriime 37.5 points 0.72 % 1432 SATOSHIS
    @kaban133 24 points 0.46 % 917 SATOSHIS
    @lucas2016123 15 points 0.29 % 573 SATOSHIS
    @hurakan 14 points 0.27 % 535 SATOSHIS
    @sapok 10 points 0.19 % 382 SATOSHIS
    @yura72 8 points 0.15 % 306 SATOSHIS
    @MagneTron 5 points 0.10 % 191 SATOSHIS

    Webmining #2

    Player Shares Percent Rewards
    @bitcoin143 31913 59.54 % 119087 SATOSHIS
    @aniko11 5804 10.83 % 21658 SATOSHIS
    @grom 5477 10.22 % 20438 SATOSHIS
    @Pitons 2553 4.76 % 9527 SATOSHIS
    @Satosushi 1972 3.68 % 7359 SATOSHIS
    @Warlord8 1799 3.36 % 6713 SATOSHIS
    @Olivetree 1667 3.11 % 6221 SATOSHIS
    @PatoThon 579 1.08 % 2161 SATOSHIS
    @Didjounne 345 0.64 % 1287 SATOSHIS
    @rebombo 327 0.61 % 1220 SATOSHIS
    @campica23 318 0.59 % 1187 SATOSHIS
    @byldsnijol 240 0.45 % 896 SATOSHIS
    @dima123 238 0.44 % 888 SATOSHIS
    @azhagesan 75 0.14 % 280 SATOSHIS
    @mique 71 0.13 % 265 SATOSHIS
    @Anj2017 66 0.12 % 246 SATOSHIS
    @ikiobelung 48 0.09 % 179 SATOSHIS
    @kaban133 46 0.09 % 172 SATOSHIS
    @enrico95 27 0.05 % 101 SATOSHIS
    @rzaba 13 0.02 % 49 SATOSHIS
    @bangbang100 11 0.02 % 41 SATOSHIS
    @Kiweed23 3 0.01 % 11 SATOSHIS
    @shabinmathew23 3 0.01 % 11 SATOSHIS
    @KISSS76 1 0.00 % 4 SATOSHIS
    @crimeagamer 0 0.00 % 0 SATOSHIS -> 1 SATOSHI
    @eri1982 0 0.00 % 0 SATOSHIS -> 1 SATOSHI
    @Faront 0 0.00 % 0 SATOSHIS -> 1 SATOSHI

  • Thanks would love to participate again in the webmining

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    @warlord8 I think there is confusion on your part.

    For simplicity, here is approximately what webmining has earned:

    Webmining #1: 0.00000420 BTC
    Webmining #2: 0.00001962 BTC

    In fact, since the amounts are below the withdrawal threshold, it isn't possible to use them. So in reality: earned 0.00000000 BTC !

    As has been said, the reward given to webmining participants has been exceptional: It will not happen anymore.

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