Operation CPU mining!

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    After the failure of two webmining experiences (cryptonight coins), here is a new experience is launched. This time, it is conventional mining: less friendly but more effective than webmining. Players will have to download and start a mining program.

    All this remains craft! .

    The objective is:

    • to involve the players in the financing of LWOS
    • to make players aware of the world of mining

    This time, to motivate the participation, LWOS, of the proceeds of the sale:

    • will keep 50%
    • will return 50%

    LWOS is in charge of setting up the logistics to mine, sell on the markets, etc

    The major problem is to find a profitable coin to mine. There are thousands of coins. Then, it is necessary that the coin is "CPU friendly". There too, there is a vast choice. The market price also determines the profitability of a coin, but also the difficulty of the network. The more miners there are to mine a coin, the greater the difficulty. All this is not fixed and varies over time. The use of a pool is mandatory For this, a proxy has been set up to facilitate the use of the mining program and trace the share activity.

    Your processor can work intensively, it will not wear out. It will consume more electricity and produce more heat. It is important to monitor its temperature.

    The participation of each player is measured in valid found shares X difficulty. The difficulty is given by the pool to the miner program. The difficulty can be fixed and variable, depending of the pool.

    At each payment, a status will be displayed and the shares will be reset. Payments will be applied to your balance, in accordance with your participation. Payments will be made in part manually (can not automate this part). Payement can take a long time before completed ( maturation for the pool, withdrawal/deposit exchanges, sell on exchanges if not market order).


    How to participate?

    Download and run the program cpuminer-top with the parameters given on the mining page.

    To simplify the use, LWOS has developed a GUI which is intended more particularly to be executed in a sandbox (but not necessarily).
    This GUI will download all cpuminers (win32 or win64) and then you will only have to select the one that interests you in the list after filling the command line. The cpuminer will automatically launch into a new console window. Easy!
    More information: https://forum.littleworldofsatoshi.com/topic/543/gui-sandbox-for-cpumining

    For more information about cpuminer-opt: (Windows 64, Linux) https://forum.littleworldofsatoshi.com/topic/415/cpuminer-opt

    For more information about cpuminer-multi: (Windows 32, Windows 64, Linux)

    For more information about cpuminer-dodo:

    For more information about minerd (for Yenten coin): (Windows 64, Linux) https://forum.littleworldofsatoshi.com/topic/420/yenten-miner-for-windows-64-bits

    The most important parameter is to set the number of threads (-t) according to how you want to participate. When you mine, you use some of the power of your computer. It is up to you to determine the power you want to give to the mining.

    āš  šŸŒ” It is important that you monitor the temperature of your processor during mining.
    āš  šŸŒ” Check https://forum.littleworldofsatoshi.com/topic/430/cpu-mining-monitor-your-cpu-temperature

    What is mining?

    A coin is simply a decentralized database, that is, each person connected to the network has a copy of that database. So there is not only one person who is authoritative but in a group of people. The database is composed of blocks and each block is connected to the previous one, that is why we speak of a chain of blocks. In each block are the transactions between users. The data is hashed according to an algorithm specific to each coin (the bitcoin uses the sha256d for example). Data hashing makes it possible to sign data and verify the integrity of this data very quickly. Any falsifications are detected and rejected easly.

    The creation of blocks is allocated to miners. For each block created miners receive a reward: thus to create the currency over time. To create a block, the miner asks the network for a work. This work to perform contains data on the previous block, pending transactions (mempool) and a target to reach. The miner will therefore hasher this data until the resulting hash (which is a numeric value) reaches the requested target. For that, the miner increments a variable (the nonce) until the right solution is reached or someone else has found a block in the meantime. In this case, the miner abandons the work in progress and asks for a new work. The more miners who mine, the harder it is to reach. If a miner finds a nonce that validates the target, he submits his result to the network that validates or not this new block to integrate in the database. It happens that several miners find and submit a block at the same time, only one will be accepted, the others will be orphaned (and not paid). When a block is validated, it must wait until it becomes mature (a number of confirmations) and is credited. For Bitcoin, you need 100 confirmations.

    What is a share?

    The job to do to find a block is huge. Each miner works in competition with others. For this, miners get together to work together in a pool. The pool requests the work from the network like a normal miner; splits the work into small parts and distributes it to its group of miners. Depending on the rate of work, the part of work to accomplish may be more or less difficult (ie difficulty). Each work done by a miner in the group is called a share. If all the work done by the group validates a block, the pool will reward the group according to the work done by each one, when the found block will become mature. Sometimes the submitted job is rejected because a block has been validated in the meantime by others. The work is therefore obsolete.

    Shares between coins are not comparable: network, pool, difficulty are different.

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    For YTN (Yenten), the stratum pool is not stable. Testing an other pool.

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    Finally, came back to the first pool; hashrate too small according to the network hashrate.

    First payout in progress for YTN! šŸ™‚

    Edit: Done

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    The display is now in share/minute instead share/second.

    The pool, like the previous, is unstable and disconnections occur frequently. Is not really good overtime.

    Testing a new YTN pool (https://bunnymining.work) (other framework type). Smaller pool but i hope it will be more stable. The difficulty is lower (0.4), can be better for those who use 1 thread.

    An other YTN pool (https://yenten.luckypool.org) is testing now. Like the previous but bigger hashrate (ie find more often blocks).

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    LWOS is experiencing the mining of Koto coin (algorithm yescrypt) This coin hasn't for now any exchange , so is a "blind" mining: no guarantee that it brings something back in the end.

    But it's still interesting to try it. In addition, 32-bit Windows users can have fun participating.

    (i rented some computers to mine it during few hours, don't be afraid with the number of miners and found shares šŸ˜ )

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    Even if blind mining, don't hesit to mine a bit Koto coin! šŸ™‚

    Blind mining can be like poker! šŸŽ²

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    For Windows uers, as a precaution, i added the VirusTotal analyze result for each cpumine zip file. you can check it.

    āš  Be careful if you use a cpu-miner other than those listed on the forum.

    For example, i found a cpuminer for YTN for Windows 32, but when i checked it, it was fully infected by virus. I didn't list it here, of course.

    If you have a doubt about a software (not just a cpuminer), you can possibly use a virtual environement to run it. @rebombo talked about SandBoxie, but seems no more free. Check maybe this page: https://alternativeto.net/software/sandboxie/ . Well, is not the purpose of this topic. Open a topici if you want to talk about virtual environement.

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    This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

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    As you know, to miner, you enter your name in the command line. Nothing prevents you from using the name of another player to miner for him. šŸ˜

    You can also mine multiple coins at the same time (if the choice exists), just open a terminal for each cpu-miner with the right command line. For example, if you plan to use 4 threads for mining, you can use 2 threads for one coin and the other two for the other coin.

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    about sandboxie

    Sandboxie is shareware software. The free version is missing a few features which are available in the paid version. After 30 days of use, the free version displays reminders to upgrade to the paid version, but remains functional. For personal use, you are encouraged, but not required, to upgrade to the paid version.

    Which features are available in the paid version?
    A. Two features:
    ā€¢ "Force" programs: Automatically run programs under Sandboxie even when they are not started directly through Sandboxie. Programs can be "forced" by name or by containing folder.
    ā€¢ Run programs in more than one sandbox at the same time. This causes error SBIE1303 in the free version. The paid version also offers Office365 support, Office 2016 support and Office 2013 (Click2Run) Support and will also include any premium features in the future.


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    @rebombo @Satosushi said "Well, is not the purpose of this topic. Open a topici if you want to talk about virtual environement"

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    A second payout for YTN has been made:

    • 49.03 YTN mined since the first payout.
    • 76753 satoshis earned and 53727 satoshis shared between participants.

    The price of YTN is rather down: https://stocks.exchange/trade/YTN/BTC
    The payout list is on the mining page (bottom)

    I remind those who mine Koto that this coin still has no exchange, so no estimate of its future value. May be excellent as catastrophic. It's the joy of blind mining! šŸƒ

    (Those who can use cpuminer-opt can mine YTN or KOTO or even both if enough power.)

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    A third payout for YTN has been made:

    • 56.32 YTN mined since the previous payout.
    • 58737 earned and 41115 satoshis shared between participants.

    Disappointing participation. From the top #10, only @rebombo participated.

  • Is there a way do do mining using anroid mobile? i have two mobiles handsets and one mobile is not much in use so i want to run mining there

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    @warlord8 I guess is possible (technicaly) but i'm not familar with this type of device. And probably, will not efficient at all. In addition, such device are not made for intensive calculation like mining: will heat a lot.

  • hmm ok but if there is a way i would like to experiment and see

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    A 4th payout for YTN has been made:

    • 62 YTN mined since the previous payout.
    • 44023 earned and 30816 satoshis shared between participants.

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