Change log

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    • 15 May 2017:

      • Correction about a minor error into the JS script (rotation of wolves).
      • New feature to handle and update the updates of the maps ( cache browser)
    • 16 May 2017:

      • Option for SEA added (normal or simplified render). Key O as "options"
    • 20 May 2017:

      • Update the condition to spawn during a wind wave.

    -29 May 2017:

    • Update for the lay feature. A key detection problem still exists, impossible to find the origin. It appears that the problem comes from the browser side.

    -1 June:

    • 'Pickup' sound modifications.
    • Nervous lay when 0 unsecured coins give a 'fake' coin (white).
    • Pickup a fake coin occurs a nervous lay.

    -10 June:

    • Update for Bridges / Labyrinth,
    • Update for the spawn function and coins function (about Last wave during Chocolate time and some maps as Spiral and Gump)

    -12 June:

    • Update for Islands

    -13 June:

    • Update for Gump

    -15 June:

    • Update for Indiana

    -18 June:

    • Update for TictacToc

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