CPU mining: monitor your cpu temperature

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    Cpumining consists of performing calculations in an intensive way.

    So your processor will work intensively, it will not wear out but it will:

    • consume more electricity
    • produce more heat.

    ⚠ It is important to monitor its temperature. ⚠

    A recent and well cooled processor will have no difficulty to mine. On the other hand, old computers, often dusty, will not have an optimum cooling. For a latop, it's different, they are very poorly cooled and it is not advisable to do intensive work too long.

    Check your processor's technical documentation for normal and maximum operating temperatures.

    In general, your processor should not exceed 70 ° C.

    🌡 Take into account the ambient temperature of course which directly impacts the operating temperature of your computer.

    How to do?


    There are plenty of utilities to give you technical information about your system, monitor and even control the temperature.

    This open-source utility is good rated: http://openhardwaremonitor.org/
    Open Hardware monitor


    If not installed by default, you can install and configure lm-sensors

    In a terminal, you can use the command "sensors". It will display information about your temperature system (core(s), motherboard and perhaps GPU)

    Additionnaly, you can install graphic widget to display on the fly, according to your desktop environment used (KDE, Gnone, ... )

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