Feature: Landmine

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    This is a special feature. Players who actively participate in the game financing, mining, have their account credited with landmines. Landmines are credited at the moment of mining payout. However, you can buy them or receive gift from other player: check the Market page. You can earn landmines at the Lottery.

    Landmines are disabled on some maps during normal games.

    If you touch it or get too close to it, you will die. If you are more or less close to the breath of the explosion, your health and stamina will be impacted accordingly.

    The owner or teammate can pass through. A landmine can be placed or pickup anywhere with the [BACKSPACE] key. A teammate can pickup your landmine (landmine is returned to you).

    • Number of landmines are shown on your Dashboard.
    • All landmine placed on map are deduced from account.
    • An indicator is shown in game if player has/had landmines when entering in the game: potentially dangerous.
    • A counter is shown if you have landmines (top score table)
    • to differentiate the landmines, they are colored in two parts:
      • a color attributed to the player,
      • a color assigned to the team (players without teams all have the same color)

    A delay of 1 second is necessary for the landmine being operationnal.

    Be careful with landmines. It can be dangerous for you if you are into the breath of the explosion.

    Don't miss to pickup your unused landmines before the end of the game, else, they will be deduced.

  • Does This have any kind of recrediting system like the blocking spawn , For eg, If 5 players die than the mine will be removed

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    The landmine is removed only if a player went on it or the owner pickup it.

  • Testers

    count of landmines is cumulated ?

  • administrators

    Of course, you can cumulate landmines over payments received.

    This remains a first draft. Changes can be made, of course.

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    A breath during explosion has been added, can impact your health and stamina according to the distance from the explosion.

    To differentiate the mines, they are colored in two parts:

    • a color attributed to the player
    • a color assigned to the team (players without teams all have the same color)

    Teammate can pickup your landmine (but landmine returns to you) .Can be useful at the end of the map.

    If you explose with landmine, your respawntime is increased.

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    A small demonstration:

    Youtube Video

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    Landmines are disabled on some maps during the normal games: Gump; Labyrinth; Spiral; IceLand; Duo and Oud.

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