A different time of inactivity for extras? Yes! Enabled!

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    A few weeks ago, the extras were added to bring a bit more fun to the game.

    But, unfortunately, few players have shown interest in extras, and few players have configured their address to witdhraw their extras.

    Note that if a player isn't interest by extras,(s) he can configure the address of LWOS, the extra will be donated to the game, quite simply.

    This results in large amounts of extras, immobilized, awaiting payment. This goes against the purpose of the extras, it isn't very healthy.

    For example, at the time these lines are written, the @Willy player holds 32,000 chococoins for an estimated value of 0.00064 BTC and the player @Berenice holds 18,000 chococoins for an estimated value of 0.00036 BTC.

    Currently there is an inactivity time (14 days) beyond which the satoshi balance and the extra balances of an inactive player are reset to 0.

    This procedure of inactivity will probably be modified about the extras. Extras earned and not withdrawn after 14 days will automatically be canceled.

  • administrators

    An expiration of 14 days is applied for those who didn't set an address.

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