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    To play, the game uses a lot of different keys. There are a multitude of types of keyboards (QWERTY, AZERTY, etc.). Add to that, right-handed and left-handed.

    Until now the game used a fixed key configuration. From now on, it is possible for the player to reconfigure the keys at his convenience.

    For this, in the game, you have to go to the help page (H key by default). Then click on the action to modify, type the key you want. Repeat for other actions if necessary. Then save the configuration. You can restore the default configuration. Type ESC to exit the page.

    Some keys can not be used: 0..9 (main pad), Escape, F5, F11. In addition, your browser uses some keys.

    The "secure kill" no longer exists but you can configure CTRL + K instead.

    In case of bad connection, because the server didn't receive the state of your keys correctly, it is possible that your chicken moves alone. You can use RESET to reset (default key: R) the state of the keys..

    Set-up your keys in less than 3 minutes else you will be kick from the game for inactivity!

    Youtube Video

    Here the default configuration:

    Action Key Comment
    Vsay 0...9 (main pad) Vocal say / Can't be rebinded.
    Escape Escape Exit page. / Can't be rebinded.
    TurnLeft ArrowLeft
    TurnRigh ArrowRight
    Walk ArrowUp
    Run Space
    LayCoin KeyL
    SelfKill KeyK
    LockSpawn Enter If allowed
    UnlockSpawn Enter + CTRL If allowed
    Landmine Backspace If allowed and if you have landmines.
    ShowPlayers KeyI Show the name of players.
    Reset KeyR Reset your keys. Useful in the case of automove/spinning
    ShowFPS KeyF Show your FPS
    Help KeyH For configuring the keyboard
    Quit KeyQ
    Volume+ NumpadAdd
    Volume- NumpadSubtract
    Score Tab
    Options KeyO You can set some options for the game
    CameraDefaultMod PageUp Back to the default camera
    CameraMod+ PageUp Change camera mod
    CameraMod- PageDown Change camera mod
    TeamMessage NumpadEnter Send message to your team (if you are in a team)

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