About gameplay & rules

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    There is no real rule in the game. You can pick the coins quietly or have fun pushing the other players into the water or trapping them. :wolf:

    Even if the gameplay is mainly FFA (free for alll), you can nevertheless organize a team with others players and lay coins between you. It's especially appreciated during the Chocolate Time to win the extras at each round! :chocolate_bar:

    To lay, press the SHIFT key. You will lay 5% of your insecure coins.

    :apple: are very useful for recovering health. But be careful! if your health and your stamina are already at the highest, any additional consumption of apples will lead to a nervous egg. :egg:

    The white coin instantly provoke a nervous egg. :egg:

    It sometimes happens that your :chicken: starts spinning alone. To unblock it, you can use the keys: "5" (or "2") or "DOWN". You can also refresh the page.

    Press H for others helps in game.

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