About gameplay & rules

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    There is no real rule in the game.

    You can pick the coins quietly or have fun pushing the other players into the water or trapping them. 🐺

    The gameplay was mainly FFA (free for alll). Now, you create or join a team. It's especially appreciated during the Chocolate Time to win the extras at each round! 🍫

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    Some important details about Time-Chocolate.

    There are often recurring remarks in the chat room after the Time-Chocolate, when players, carrying many coins with them, have been killed by other players (other than the challenger(s) for the victory). They say that these players have nothing to gain from killing them. It is wrong!

    During normal games, when coins are lost (🐺,💣,spawn locks,💧 ) ... they are lost.

    But during Chocolate Time, it's different! The lost coins are redistributed during the waves and especially at the last (1:00), the famous "final wave" who redistributes only the last part of the lost coins (if there)

    Thus, all players will have something to gain from losing coins to other players, in order to get more coins to the next wave.🤑

    The pressure will be greater if the map was monopolized by some player(s) and the other players will have had only crumbs ... 😡

    Of course, losing a lot of coins and seeing the victory fly away is never pleasant. 😭

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