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    A disadvantage to using cpuminers is that they are command line programs and require opening a console to enter a parameter line.

    In addition, cpuminers applications are often detected as unwanted applications and viruses. Your antivirus will probably intervene and erase / block access to programs. In general, these are false alarms but the danger is present.

    For that, i developed a GUI (Graphic User interface) to help the use of cpumining.

    this GUI was created to be able to execute in a sand box.

    What is a sandbox? A sandbox is used to isolate the execution of a program from the rest of the computer (disk access, etc.). This is particularly interesting for potentially risky applications. All programs put into the sandbox will see a virtual computer and can't infect the real computer, if virus there is.

    You will find extensive information on sandboxes on the Internet, it is very common for risky operating systems (Microsoft Windows, OSX)

    1- Installation of the sandbox: Cyergenic Shade

    I chose this sandox because it is free and easy to use. You just need to give an email to receive the license key. You can of course use a jettable email and a fake name:

    Of course, you can use other sandboxes than this one.

    • Download and install Shade. During the installation you will be asked for your email to receive the key. It will be necessary to reboot your computer.

    • Once installed, launch Shade and activate the license with the key received. Possible that it still works without activation, i have not tested.

    That's it, you now have a sandbox on your computer. You can also use it for other programs that you consider doubtful.

    Having the sandbox is good but unfortunately, this will not prevent your antivirus from grumbling, even for the virtual disk of Shade.

    Add an exception to your antivirus for the Shade directory (C:\Shade), you'll be quiet. Check your antivirus documentation to do this.

    For Window defender, for example:

    2 - GUI

    Download and copy the GUI somewhere on your disk ( not on your desktop of course, only patachons do this!!!!)

    Windows 64:
    VirtusTotal result:
    Windows 32:
    VirtusTotal result:

    Go where you downloaded the GUI and place it into the sandbox: "Put into Shade"

    Now, each time you will execute the GUI, it will launch from an virtual environnement.

    The purple "S" icon and purple indicates to you that the application is running into the sandbox.


    The use of the GUI is pretty simple:

    • For the first time:
      click onto [Download & Extract]: the cpuminer programs will be downloaded. This list contains a lot of versions and some versions can be not compatible with your processor. Be patient, the download can take a lot of time.

    Cpuminer programs will be extracted into LWOS_MINING directory of the virtual disk of Shade.


    • select one cpuminer from the list
    • fill the command line
    • click [Launch]
      A console will open and will launch the cpumner with the command line.

    You can tag the cpuminer into the list (yes/no): this can be used to remember which cpuminers are working or not.

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