Few Queations on Mining

  • Please answer these questions to clear my doubt -

    1. '1 worker per user' - is it only for kikoo or all coins?
    2. Is it ok to mine several coins from one device at the same time?
    3. Can I several pc to mine several coins or even same coin? e.g. Mining CRP using one and Kikoo from another pc or mining CRP from one pc (depend on ques.1)
    4. Can I mine for my friend as well as for myself with my pc? e.g. CRP for both from 1 pc or CRP for both with 2 pc (asking this as account IP address may be a fact I don't know though)

  • administrators

    1. Only for Kikoo, yes. (Kikoo is very special)
    2. You can mine all coin if you want (you can see players are already mining several coins at the same time).
    3. You can use several computers if you want, no problem.
    4. You can mine for other players (friends). Just change your username in the command line.

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