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    I'm working an other way for participing to the fundings of LWOS and reward players with free game by watching ads videos.

    This is currently being evaluated and tested (implementation, feasibility and profitability)

    For the moment, only one video provider is used and the implementation is not complete because it is impossible to know who watched the video.

    A second provider will be added soon.

    Page: https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/video

  • administrators

    The implementation progresses but it appears for the moment that the provider's code is unreliable (some videos completely viewed are refused or even not reported).

    A menu has been added.

  • administrators

    Now you can earn +1 game by watching a video.

    The system is not reliable. Sometime, video is fully watched and nothing happens.

    In addition, the provider still shows 0 report and i'm waiting an answer from him about this problem. If the problem is not corrected soon, videos will be removed.

  • administrators

    Added a new video provider but seems restrictive about countries. On my side, i have o offer. (finally removed, no offer and probably only for mobile phones)

    For Applixir, still some technical problem about activity report.

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