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    The market offers you the possibility to give lottery tickets to other players, to buy/sell/give landmines

    With regard to landmines, certain limitations are imposed and indicated on the page:

    • minimum sale price (may change over time)
    • limited number of donations per day

    You can not sell landmines if you have entered a game.

    For sale, you have the possibility:

    • to reserve the sale to a specific player,
    • to reserve the sale to players who have only 10 landmines maximum. This option "<10" is made to help novice players.

    For purchase, if you bought landmines with the option "<10", you must use these landmines before you can sell or give landmines on the market.

  • administrators

    Additional protection has been added. You can not give (and sell) landmines that you got with the "<10" option. Let's add that it is always useful to re-read the TOS. This can at least interest two players, especially the ยง14 ๐Ÿ˜

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