More fun! Extras!

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    Some extras can be add in the list of the prizes (Lottery and Chocolate Time)

    For now, has been listed:

    • Faircoin (FAIR)
    • Playercoin (PLACO)
      - Mousecoin (MICE) / POS+POW (delisted)
      - Womencoin (WOMEN) / POS (a good choice? wait&see) (delisted)
      - Chococoin (CCC) / POW (delisted)
      - Chicken (CKS) / POS (delisted)

    Withdrawals are automatic, provided the wallet is connected. If you need to receive your extras quickly, you can always ask in the chatroom.

    The advantage of POS type is that there is no need to have miners to progress the chain of blocks: the confirmations are regular.

    This is not the case with POW type , which require to be permanently mined. No miner, the chain of blocks is frozen. Chococoin is often frozen for example.

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