ENS Faucet-DOGE :Upto 0.9 DOGE/12 minutes!+55% ref. [New Feature: Share % Earn!]

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    and not working fair too

  • @willy In home page or faucet page which is visited by most users, there is no hidden monero mining going on. There is a Javascript minable coin named JSEcoin which I have implemented in home page like Satosushi has also done but it's actually experimental since neither there is no JSEcoin exchange available right now nor any value prediction. And in 'Faucet List' page there is a 2 thread miner running but only a few people visit there so not profitable at all.
    Now only left advertising and pop up. Since the faucet isn't very old so almost none of the advertising network want to even open an account (Though I am really searching hard to get at least 2 banner). So I have only pop up ad left and you may now the rate is very low.
    In faucet claim, if 10 users claim, a max of 6-7 users get counted by the shortner services. Not all users uses coinhive since I have kept recaptcha and solve media as option.
    So, if you have read all above, hope you can now understand that currently I am running this at a 'loss'. I need sometime to even recover my loss. 😕 I really want to increase the payment and reduce claim time too but till now, not got approved by most of the top paying sites. and giving 15 bitcoin satoshi average in every claim.

    @rebombo Sir can you explain me what's not working fair? It will help me to improve my site 🙂

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    few redirects and invalid captcha of and - 10 minutes

  • @rebombo Thanks for your reply. 😃

    1. Now reduced pop up to only "pop up in small tab" which can easily be closed. New tab pop up disabled.
    2. I have 3 captcha sevice, which one is giving error?
    3. I have a new contest plan. After that timer will be reduced slowly to 5 min. As i said, getting ad is the only
      thing I need right now to reduce the time.

  • Your faucet tries to install authedmine without permission just by visiting it. Maybe it's in a pop-up ad? Maybe, but it is.

  • @willy I am really surprised to hear that and also sorry. Can you please give a screenshot when anything shows to install authedmine. I have only coinhive captcha and JSEcoin mining, not anything else in my site. And to tell you the truth I didn't even heard of Authedmine before you tell here. I will look all the codes carefully to see if anything is hidden in script. Thank you for warning that. 🙂

  • A screenshot does not make sense because it is installed in a hidden way. It is the antivirus that blocks it as a dangerous software for the security of the equipment. You can visit authedmine.com for more information. They defend themselves by saying that it is not necessary to block the program by antivirus companies since explicit acceptance is always necessary. I have not tried it, but being that way you should see the opt-in somewhere.

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    post here log from anti virus and type of your Antivirus

  • @willy Aw, now I get your word. Your anti virus is actually showing false positive 😃 and it's because I have used coinhive captcha.
    Yes I have found 'Authedmine' script in my site just because coinhive uses authedmine in every type of script including captcha. Here is the proof - https://prnt.sc/ka1dr6 & https://coinhive.com/documentation/captcha . 1st link is the screenshot of coinhive code I used in my site and 2nd one is the actual coinhive captcha code in their official site. Check if you find any difference in both.
    So to anyone who has found such problem, just don't use coinhive captcha and don't worry about secret mining. Currently I am only using JSEcoin mining and you will definitely get a notification of it unless you confirm. 🙂

  • New Feature : S&E or Share & Earn 😁
    About 'Share & Earn' : Basically you have to share our faucet in different crypto currency related platform and post a proof here along with your Dogecoin address (must be linked to faucethub). Then we will review that and pay you some extra Dogecoin for your posts. There are some rules and restrictions regarding this -

      1.The site where you will share must be a crypto currency related site. 
      2. If you post in a forum or social media group (at least 3 months old), you will receive 14 Dogecoin one time.
      3. If you own a faucet site/faucet list site/blog and you post about our faucet there, you will receive 5 Dogecoin/week as long as your post about our faucet exist there in top/visible area! But you site/blog must have paid hosting and a decent no. of visitors everyday.
      4. Only one post by a person per site will be counted. If we detect multiple posts in same site, then only the person who will first post proof here will get the payment.
      5. Share in chat, msg, comment section will not be counted. 
      6. Remember to post everything clearly about our faucet. False and negative impression in post will result in 0 payment.
      7. You can share in as many sites as you want and will get payment for all as long as it meets all above rules.

    Payment will be sent every Saturday. Post here the url of your post so we can check and verify. And don't delay to give proof here after your post. Some others may post proof of yours before you as we can't verify all usernames! One more thing, obviously you can share your referral link, it may give you some extra coin too. (posts in bitcointalk and faucethub will not be counted as both places have already been used) 🙂

    We are going to change our reward system a bit due to this feature: Claim rate up to 0.9 Doge/12 min (previously 1.05/15 min) and referral commission 55% (previously 60%)

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