[CLOSED] WEB mining: JSEcoin

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    From tomorrow, i will implement in all pages (at least to test during some daus), the mining of JSEcoin. The use of the CPU is very low and should not slow down the navigation. This coin hasn't value for the moment (an ICO is in progress).

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    You can also mine for yourself or simply register on the site to help LWOS with affiliate bonuses:


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    The JSE webmining seems to work well and has no impact on navigation. 🙂

    This has been extended also to the forum.

    On the website, modification made to identify the player who mined . For the moment, just out of curiosity. 🤓

    Just only 1 referral for now. 😨

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    Some troubles with the JSE miner and the forum. Script has been moved. If troubles persists, JSE miner will be removed. Don't hesit to make CTRL+F5 to refresh the forum cache.

    When JSE will have a value (market), still possible to reward players with games/landmines later. The JSE mining is like a lottery every 30 secondes, isn't a story of power.

    JSE webmining removed from forum. Gave some weird troubles.

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    A tab has been added in the mining section. You can see the JSE mined for each player from today. Just for information for now.

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    From 1st August 10:00 UTC, players earn in free games the amount of JSE mined.

    There is nothing to do, is automatic. JSE mining is like a lottery every 30 seconds. Luck is luck!

    If you didn't mined JSE coin after several days, check your system: some antivirus or installed tools can block mining script.

    A bug during the installation of this new feature has overrided the gamecounter in the database. Gamecounters has been restored from a backup from 1 August 7:00 UTC, so, a small gap can exist with the previous value of gamecounter.

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    I remember to you that the webmining of JSE has been active for a few weeks on the LWOS website. You have nothing to do, just be connected to LWOS. It's automatic and requires very little power.

    When you play, you don't mine but you can optionally activate the mining from the options (i don't recommend, can give lags).

    You can check your performances here:
    https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/mining (webmining tab)

    You can also mine for yourself. It doesn't require power. To do this, open an account here https://jsecoin.com/o/?a=91208 (LWOS referrral) and then go to the tab "mining" and "start mining".

    ⚠ Important: The tab must be active for mining to work. You can optionally detached the tab in a window.


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    The JSE mining script has been updated today:

    It's better to refresh your browser cache (CTRL+F5 on most of browsers)

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    A lot of cleaning has been done in their referal system (a lot of abus):

    For now, LWOS has only 1 active referral.

    Remember, you can ALSO mine for your selfself directly from their plateform:
    https://jsecoin.com/o/?a=91208 (LWOS referral link)

    By mining for yourself, LWOS will also earn JSE with the referral link. 🙂

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    Since the update of their algorithm:

    • LWOS earns more JSE than before (can be temporary, don't know)
    • the JSE mining seems fully erratic: some players mined a lot of JSE and then, almost nothing. Maybe JSE has added a daily quotat for websites.

    For this reason, i added daily stats here:
    https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/mining ( JSE tab )

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    There were several updates for the JSE algorithm, these last days. The reward distribution per player is really erratic and not fair at all. I hope they will fix their algorithm soon. Think to refresh your cache at least once a day , by precaution.

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    It's hard to know which foot to dance with the JSE! 😶

    Their advertising system is activated but under test. Currently, it only offers automatic banners, which is not acceptable for a publisher! What amateurism on their part. 🤐

    Advertising tests will take place here when it will be possible to control the position of the banners.


    In recent days, the rewards of mining have increased sharply. Regular players will not be worried about the costs of games for the Chocolate times.

    Moreover, this massive influx of JSE disrupts the LWOS ecosystem, losing interest in mining, the American 8 and Lottery.

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    Because JSE webmining doesn't give so much to LWOS, i don't see any particular reason to have a significant reward with games. Also, the retribution has been changed. From now , it is: 20 JSE = 1 game (in the weekly game counter)

    The last update of the JSE algorithm is giving now a horrible low number of JSE per day. This project became dramatically uninteresting and it was decided to remove it from LWOS.

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