Help LWOS: install Alexa Toolbar for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, ...

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    When you want to register with an advertising agency to finance your website, there are often many requirements. The most common requirement is the Alexa rank of your website. In general, the requested rank is that your website is below 1M.

    However, once the requirements are met, your website must continue to rank well or the ad network will not offer you more advertising to display or freeze your account.

    Alexa is a SEO company that ranks internet sites by popularity. Data from each website is collected to perform statistics and data aggregations. But it isn't enough to surf a website to provide data to Alexa. Indeed, Alexa mainly uses a tool to install in the toolbar of her browser.

    At the beginning of LWOS, in order to register with an advertising agency (MellowsAds), players were asked to install the Alexa toolbar to improve the LWOS ranking. In a few weeks, the rank of LWOS went from 4M to 300000, which was very good. Over time, players have stopped using this tool and with the LWOS data to Alexa, the logical, LWOS ranking has become very mediocre.

    LWOS is not very popular and, because of its structure, its dimension remains a "family" dimension. If this family dimension has many aspects is very pleasant ... it is nevertheless the case that advertising funding is a disaster!

    Given the current situation, once again players are asked to install this tool to improve the Alexa ranking of LWOS in order to test new advertising agencies.

    Of course, whatever the advertisers used, as required in the TOS of LWOS, it is requested to have a responsible use of advertising banners: Only click on the ads that interest you. Some abuses have already been noticed by some players.

    Help LWOS:

    1- Install Alexa Toolbar:

    Install the toolbar on your browser is very simple and fast:

    This toobar will work for most of browsers:

    • Opera (Opera is able to install extensions for Chrome)
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • etc

    As with each extension, you have the option to disable or remove it whenever you want.

    2- Enable Toolbar

    For the first time:

    • You need to activate the toolbar. Click on the icon of Alexa in your toolbar menu.


    • Then, you will have a form to fill if you want. It isn't mandatory, you can only click on "No thanks".

    After this, you will able to get the Alexa information about LWOS or any websites you are surfing:


    Don't hesitate to report here that you have installed and participate, or ask questions too.

  • @satosushi
    1 did it ☺

  • @satosushi Done!

  • I installed. The rating of LWOS improved a little. It is 2,1 million now.

  • Me and @rahul79 have also installed

  • @satosushi said in Help LWOS: install Alexa Toolbar for Opera, Chrome, Firefox, \.\.\.:

    done Global 1,745,707
    Alexa Traffic Rank

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    It takes a long time for the installation of the toolbar to impact Alexa's data. The rank is normally refreshed once a day.

    Thank you for those who installed it (at least 6 players 🤗 ) . 🙂

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    With Alexa toolbar activated, for the promotion of the LWOS rank, don't hesit to visit websites where is LWOS link is given. It will improve the "back links" parameter of LWOS.

    You can find some websites where LWOS is mentionned here:

    If you made your own mention to LWOS somewhere (forum, etc), you can browse it. Alexa will detect back links.

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    Last rank: 1 094 860 1,045,293

    Thanks to those who have installed Alexa toolbar. 🙂

  • @satosushi Last rank means there will be no more rank ahead of this .?

  • administrators

    @mayos The road for being #1 will long 🤡 Do you know who is the #1? 🤣

  • @satosushi : google I know that but i was saying that wont it come under 1 million rank which you need for advertising agents

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    ⛳ Last rank:
    494,316 🎉
    496,560 📈 😢
    488,478 📉
    483,614 📉
    474,898 📉
    463,454 📉
    457,494 📉
    449,383 📉
    453,161 📈 😢
    454,021 📈 😭
    462,431 📈 😭
    463,989 📈 🌊
    472,126 📈 😭
    463,116 📉 🙂
    446,489 📉 🙂
    473,392 📈 😭
    637,125 📈 😑
    279,101 📉 😲
    626,500 📈 😭
    1,157,034 📈 🤫

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