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    Once a day, LWOS offers a lottery. Players can purchase tickets. Only one winner is possible. The winner will win the losing tickets. The winning ticket is designated with the value of the nonce of the last Bitcoin block at the time of the draw. 2% is deducted from the winnings and returned to the game. No fee on Extras.

    The lottery closes one minute before the draw. If you buy a ticket during this time, it will be deferred to the next lottery.

    If you buy a ticket and nothing happens is that the lottery is not on (maintenance, update). Your ticket is saved, no need to buy another.

    The nonce is a random value that miners must find to find a Bitcoin block. At the time of the draw, the lottery asks the BlockChain site for information on the last Bitcoin block to obtain the nonce. If the BlockChain site is saturated (as it can happen sometimes), it will be the last block found at the time of the valid API request that will be used (so, a delay can be applied)

    About the nonce: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Nonce

    The formula for designating the winner is simple: = 1+ nonce MODULO number of tickets

    Example if the block is Block #458071

    Nonce= 2867726007

    1 ticket Winner is ticket #1
    2 tickets Winner is ticket #2
    3 tickets Winner is ticket #1
    4 tickets Winner is ticket #4
    5 tickets Winner is ticket #3

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