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    The American 8 is a very simple little card game to play between 2 and 8 players and now replaces the Auction. You can win some prizes (games, landmines if the room is full) and the amount of paid tickets + a percentage of the pot.

    If you do not know how to play and are absent during the game, don't worry, be happy, the game will play for you!

    The price of the ticket is not expensive at all so don't hesitate to play! 😃

    The pot consists of fees paid, over games. Daily, the lottery fees also feed this pot. In addition, i can possibly donate part of my balance to this pot to energize a little more players.

    For more information on the rules of the game: https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/aboutamerican8

    The top players: https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/top?target=american8

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    The game is still under debugging. It seems having a problem with the rotation of the turn sometime. I will investigate later, too tired for now 🙂

    Seat 5/6 was bad positionned. 🙂

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    Well, finally, our mister 🐺 has been removed from this game: now, it is 🐔 against 🐔 only.

    The winner will earn:

    • the amount of the tickets , minus 3%
    • 2% of the current pot
    • 4 games (weekly counter)
    • If 8 players played, 2% of the landmine pot

    The game need at least 2 players, so, the game will wait for it (+3 minutes).

    pot: %2 fees collected during games
    landmine pot: landmines lost during Chicken Island games

    In addition, the fees from the Lottery will feed the American 8 pot.

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    New rule for the A

    The ace (A) allows attacks.
    The next player will have to deposit an ace. Each ace (A) posed constitutes a series. If the player can not play, he will have to draw (+2 X series) cards and pass his turn. Once a player has had to draw, the attack is completed, the card is played normally.

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    The top of players is available: https://littleworldofsatoshi.com/top?target=american8

    Animated emojis replace the previous static emojis.

    Now, when the book time is over and not enough players (mini is 2):

    • the seats are cleaned,
    • the book time is reseted.

    The price of the ticket is charged at the end of a completed game.

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    I decreased a bit the % reward from the pot. But i filled the pot.

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