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    The Faircoin project is very interesting and has great potential. Hopefully this project continues to evolve. If the World had some common sense, Faircoin could become the leader. :grin:

    Faircoin is not minable. The creation of the currency is carried out from a collegiate work by registered nodes (CVN). The creation of money is therefore not energy-intensive as for the Bitcoin. There are also POS type coins that are not energy-intensive for currency creation but require that you have a large amount of coins for this. So it's not an interesting solution.

    If you have the opportunity to participate in the creation of this currency by opening a node (CVN). You need a connected machine 24/24 and an USB port for the Fasito device.

    You can consult directly on the site of Faircoin, the avenues and inconveniences of this coin: https://fair-coin.org/de/node/152

    More information of this extra:

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