How to open the console

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    ET: Legacy is a Quake2 based game, so it has a console. This console is important to be able to type commands. Also, if you're playing in windowed mode, when the console is open, you have control over the window.

    It is therefore important to know how to open the console!

    Keyboards in different countries can be very different. Normally, the key to open the console is under the [ESCAPE]:


    There are other keys to toggle the console:

    • ` (not ')
    • ~

    Some keyboards (🇪🇸 Spanish for example) can cause problems with the keys and especially the key to open the console.

    To remedy this easily, simply reassign another key (here [F12]):

    • open your profile configuration file (etconfig.cfg)
    • look for the line: bind F12 "autorecord"
    • replace with: bind F12 "toggleconsole"
    • save the file.

    The next time you launch the game, when you are connected to the server, you can open the console with the [F12] key. To close the console, use [ESC].

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